Resident Highlight: Liz D.

  We’ve interviewed another resident at The Cottages this month to gain a greater perspective on their life here! Liz D was one of our first residents, and has been here for nearly 5 years! Read More

Trick or Treat at American House!

We celebrate Halloween at The Cottages and American House Jenison, too! Join us tomorrow, October 31st, from 4-6pm for our Assisted Living Trick or Treating event at American House. It’s a great time especially for Read More

2018 Expo is Around the Corner!

Mark your calendars for our 2nd Allen Springs Expo! Head to The Lodge at Allen Springs on Thursday, October 18th from 3pm to 5pm, where you will find a FREE expo for independent and assisted living residents, Read More

Resident Highlight: Interview with Jan C. and Joanne P.

Meet Jan and Joanne, twin sisters and both residents at The Cottages! As sisters, neighbors, and active members of the community, the pair (affectionately nicknamed “The Twins” by fellow residents) can offer a unique look Read More

Summer Newsletter

Resident Highlight: Interview with Pat & Jim

We recently interviewed Pat and Jim, residents at The Cottages at Allen Springs. It’s clear they value their family very much, as they spoke excitedly about their son, siblings, and other family visiting them at Read More

Resident Highlight: Interview with Jane & Doug

We recently interviewed Jane and Doug M., residents at The Cottages at Allen Springs. The couple has become very active members of the community and are also new enough to provide their fresh insight on Read More

Top 5 Design Trends of 2018

TOP 5 HOME DÉCOR TRENDS OF 2018 We’re well into the new year, but it’s not too late to incorporate this year’s home design trends into your home! 2018 is all about self-expression, creating your Read More

Spring Newsletter


Homeowner Highlight: Interview with Rick and Cheryl

We recently interviewed Rick and Cheryl, our first homeowners to move into The Villas on Lake Macatawa. What’s more, they are in a fantastic location within the community, surrounded by waterfront and wooded views. Already Read More