Homeowner Highlight: Interview with Rick and Cheryl

We recently interviewed Rick and Cheryl, our first homeowners to move into The Villas on Lake Macatawa. What’s more, they are in a fantastic location within the community, surrounded by waterfront and wooded views. Already active members of the community, they have been able to meet many of our future homeowners, attend events, and take advantage of the amenities. Simply put, Rick & Cheryl can provide valuable and honest insight into the buying & construction process and life here at The Villas. Let’s hear what they had to say:

Q. How long have you been living at The Villas on Lake Macatawa?
We closed on September 21st, 2017 and moved in our stuff right away. We started actually staying here on the 24th.

Q. Why did you choose The Villas on Lake Macatawa?
We were familiar with and impressed by the previous community, The Villas of Holland, so when someone approached us about buying our home, our realtor mentioned the same builder had built another development. We didn’t think we were “condo people” but our realtor thought it would be good for us. She had us scheduled to visit three condo places that day just to see what condos are like. We came here first, and we ended up not going anywhere else. She cancelled the other appointments because these were so nice.

What we initially liked about these is that the garages are recessed instead of having rows and rows of garage doors being a major focal point of the home. Here, everyone has their own corner and different direction they face, and they look more like houses than condos. It’s an attractive property when you drive in, and we immediately noticed the quality of the building.

Q. Now that you’ve been here for a few months, what are your favorite aspects of your home?
Ours has got to be the view! We always tell everybody, and people come to our house and say, “you have the best location.” We have the views [of the water] right out of our living room, and they’re absolutely stunning. Every time there’s a nice sunset- which happens often- I go out and take pictures.

We eat breakfast and lunch in the sun room, just looking out at the lake. It’s different every day out there. I’ve never been into birds, but now our son and daughter-in-law gave me a book on Michigan birds for Christmas so we check off the different birds we see. There are bald eagles and other birds soaring around- it’s so cool. We’ve even noticed that seagulls sit on the ice and have a meeting every morning, sometimes for hours.

We like the zero-step. Not that we needed it, but now that we have it, we can grow into our home. It’s the kind of place where we can stay for a very long time.  We weren’t looking specifically for a zero-step home but it is definitely a benefit.

Q. I know you’ve used the amenities here in the community. How have you used them, and what are your favorite amenities?
We like the workout room in the clubhouse, and we use it almost every day. I only used the pool twice since we moved in at end of September but I like that the pool is on the lake, and can’t wait for it to open up again in the summer and be able to use the waterfront deck and kayak launch.

We love the location, because we like to walk and can get to downtown Holland in just 40 minutes.

We’ve had two events in [the clubhouse] and it’s worked out great- people love it! We had one event with about 30 people and another with 19 or 20. Being able to use the kitchen worked out great and it’s really nice to have. We downsized from a 4,000 sq. ft. home into about 2,000, so it’s nice that we can still have larger get-togethers here.

Q. How would you describe the community environment at The Villas?
It’s been wonderful, everyone is extremely nice and fun to talk to. We’ve even had quite a few people come through our home to see it like another model! We go to the events when we can, and we want to continue going because we want to keep meeting people.

Q. Is there any particular part of the buying, construction, or design process that stood out to you?
We hadn’t done anything like this before so we thought it would be a long process, but it really wasn’t. One year ago we were still living in our old house, and when we initially looked here, the condo was just a slab. Everyone was extremely nice and helpful, explained everything, and they were patient with us whenever we had questions.
Jennie was honest with us about what would look good in the home paired with our other selections. She’s great- she’s really good. When we were selecting blinds- which is separate from her services- she still offered her opinion and helped us decide what would work best. She’s been very helpful with everything.
Julie’s great. We were here a lot with questions and she was always patient and answered all of them. We were so excited and impatient to get moved in!
Adam and Kevin have been very nice while going through the construction process with us and explained everything, checking up on things before and after. Nothing really stands out because it was all a very pleasant experience.

Q. If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is considering a move to The Villas, what would you say?
I’d say go ahead and do it! We’ve been very pleased with our decision to come here, in every way. We were hesitant and not sure if we were “condo people,” but these seem more like houses than condos. Everybody is really nice, and this is a great location. The amenities, facilities, and people are wonderful. My advice would be that you should do it!

We’ve told people and our friends considering a move, “go look at them before they’re gone!” We do love it here. We had a really cool house, but we don’t regret moving at all.